Permanent Make-up FAQ’s

Am I suitable for the treatment?

Most people are able to have permanent makeup treatments. As part of your consultation, we will carry out a sensitivity test and complete a health questionnaire. I will analyse your skin tone and discuss any procedure in detail with you addressing in confidence any questions or concerns you may have.

Is it safe?

I use sterile new single needles, tweezers, measuring tape and pencils. The equipment is covered with a disposable coverer each client, the couch is sterilised then covered with single couch roll, and my personal protective wear is single use and disposable. All pigments I use are formulated from natural minerals, are safe, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and have CE European approval. Technicians are required by law to register to local council for a licence to practice. A licence is only granted if the premises and technician meet the standards of cleanliness and hygiene laid down by the city councils bylaws.

Do all my brow hair's need to be removed?

No, please do not pluck away your brows; I will work with your natural brow hairs as this lends itself to a more natural brow. Some hairs may need to be removed if it has a negative effect to the shape when trying to create symmetry but this will be done during the procedure. Quite often one brow can be higher than another or can be a not ‘twins’. The art in creating beautiful brows is working with your natural features and what suits your face shape.

How long will the enhancement last?

To a certain extent it is determined on your own skin’s natural characteristics alongside lifestyle, but as a general guide you will require a top-up procedure every 12-18 months to keep the result looking at its best.


I was trained in Micropigmentation by the highly regarded NaturalEnhancements Academy in London, accredited by HABIA, The Guild of Beauty Therapists and BABTAC.

IMAGE Skincare

Image Skincare is dedicated to offering safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like Parabens.