Permanent Make-up Exeter, Teignmouth & South Wales

Beautiful, and natural enhancement from trusted local artist


Together we will explore your expectations, the right procedure for you and what this entails. Your treatment is individual to you in every way as everyone of us unique and different.


Your Appointment

Once you’ve decided what is right for you, the next step is to arrange an appointment. You will receive a ‘treatment pack’ containing a health and safety questionnaire, and a sensitivity pack including the do’s and don’ts before treatment.


The Treatment

The first stage of your enhancement will be to create a template on the treatment area which provides an indication of the finished look. You must be 100% happy with the template before we start your procedure.


3D Hairstroke Eyebrows £310

Using a blend of pigments to ensure the perfect shade to suit you, your skin tone and your hair colour, I weave microscopic hair strokes among your natural ones. Whether they are thin, over plucked, fair or you simply want to improve their shape and appearance.

Ombre Brows  £310

Defined, but with a softer edging on each side of the brow with depth shading added to the middle – leaving you with a natural powdered effect.


NEW* Smokey Eyeliner £350

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner £245

Achieves a subtle, defined look giving the appearance of thicker lashes. Created by simply applying the pigment between the lashes on the top eyelid using dotted technique. A natural finish, and no one will know your secret.

Daywear Eyeliner £295

Achieves a shape that compliments your eye and facial structure making your eyes appear defined, larger and more open. This look is created by using a full line motion for a more striking finish.

Shaded Eyeliner £350


Lip Enhancements offer definition, fullness and a choice of colour from natural to deeper to create your desired look.

Lip Liner £250

A perfect way to recreate the natural definition of the lips that we lose over time, restoring volume, enhancing shape and giving the illusion of fuller lips.

Lip Liner & Blush £310

Just add a splash of colour to the lips to create a natural, smoother, discreet lip border, and symmetrical shape that you will simply love.

Full Lip Enhancment £360

An all over colour to the entire lip, leaving you with that great glossy lip look all day and night long

Getting ready in the morning can get that much easier…

About Naomi

Naomi has over 15 years experience in the beauty and aesthetic industry, she is passionate and has an artistic flare combining these two attributes she is able to provide clients with a second to none service, giving a boost in clients self esteem and job satisfaction. Naomi was trained in micropigmentation by the highly regarded Natural Enhancements Academy in London, accredited by HABIA, The Guild of Beauty Therapists and BABTAC.

I pride myself on utilising the latest technologies to deliver the most effective procedures for my clients, Naomi is always updating her advanced knowledge with other accredited permanent make-up artists.